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Tires & Alignment

Having a good set of reliable tires on your vehicle is extremely important, especially since tires play a key role in the safe handling and the ride of your vehicle. Eventually, all tires wear out and need to be replaced. Driving with worn tires decreases safety, handling, and fuel economy. This can be extremely evident when driving around in the snow during our Indiana winters, or in a rainstorm. You may notice loss of traction or limited ability to steer in these conditions due to worn tires.

Here at Schroeder’s Automotive, we offer several maintenance services to help prolong the life of your tires such as tire rotations, balancing, and wheel alignment. Making sure your vehicle is properly aligned is a key step in prolonging the life of your tires. Without proper wheel alignment, tires can wear prematurely or unevenly resulting in vibrations, the vehicle can pull one direction or the other, or fuel economy can decrease.

  • Tire Mount & Balance
  • Tire Rotation
  • Wheel Balance
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Tire Repair
  • TMPS Service
  • TMPS Reprograming
  • Wheel Replacement
Alignment Head

Watch Out for Those Road Hazards

Improper wheel alignment isn’t the only thing that can cause damage to your tires. Along with the cold and snow, our Indiana winters also bring the nuisance we all know and love…potholes. If you’ve never experienced the joy that comes along with hitting a pothole that seems to come out of nowhere to swallow your car, you haven’t lived in Indiana very long. Hitting one decent-sized pothole can cause bulges in tire side walls, knock the wheel alignment out of spec, bend wheels, or even cause tires to blow out. Not to worry, our service team can help you set up an appointment to have your tires and wheel alignment inspected so you can maintain a safe and reliable vehicle.

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From simple services like an oil change, preventative maintenance, or brake repair to emergency repairs and check engine lights, our experts at Schroeder's have you covered.