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When the check engine light or any other warning light comes on in your vehicle, it can be a very nerve-racking experience, which is completely understandable. It can be difficult to know for sure if the check engine light has come on for something minor, or if you’ve got the start of a real problem on your hands, especially if it seems to be running like normal.

There is a very common misconception that the trouble codes stored in your vehicle’s computer, when the light comes on, will specifically identify the problem. These codes are actually identifying the symptoms of the problem, which gives our technicians a starting point to diagnose the problem’s root cause. This is similar to going to the doctor’s office when you are sick for a “check-up” to see what is going on. The doctor uses your symptoms to diagnose why you are sick and what needs to be done to get you healthy again.

  • Check Engine Light Service
  • Air Bag & SRS System Service
  • ABS Light Service
  • Traction Control Light Service
  • Electrical System Service
  • Engine Performance Service
  • Starting & Charging System Service
  • Emission (EVAP) System Service
  • Computer Reprograming
  • Driveability & Drivetrain Service
  • Hybrid Service
  • No-Crank/No-Start Diagnosis
  • Starting & Charging System Service
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Let's Get Your Vehicle Healthy!

Once our technicians have done the initial “check-up” on your vehicle, they continue the diagnostic process using our top-of-the-line computer diagnostic equipment. This process will help us get to the bottom of the problem and decide what needs to be done to get your vehicle “healthy” again.

We know it can be unnerving when a warning light appears on the dash, so don’t hesitate to contact our service team at 260-356-5533 if your check engine light or other warning lights are on. We will be glad to help.

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From simple services like an oil change, preventative maintenance, or brake repair to emergency repairs and check engine lights, our experts at Schroeder's have you covered.